Our Mission

LIFE Courses, Inc, is a 501(c )(3) organization, serving middle school students from low-to-moderate income families. We are dedicated to the transformation of underserved families by providing them exposure to financial education, entrepreneurship training and global mobility to rise above their current environment.

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Pillars for Success

LIFE seeks to build the self-esteem and global mobility and to promote the academic excellence, financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills of our students through programs and activities under our Four Pillars.

  • Programs - Beyond The Block

    Getting Ahead of the Game

    The college and professional readiness component of the LIFE pillars.

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  • program

    When I Grow Up

    Professional and personal development of students.

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  • program-YEC

    Beyond Your Block

    Provides students with experience outside of their daily norm.

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  • program-culture

    Culture, Sports and Play

    Enhancing necessary social skills of our students.

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